Partner in development, interacts with beneficiaries, residents and community at large.

Our mission –

Ensuring collectiveness at the forefront in all development initiatives.

Users of this extension of are NGOs, service providers and other partners of residents.

About ‘Niwasi’ Application

Niwasi Application is a community tool for residents, that makes collective action easy for them.

Key modules of the Niwasi Application are : Resident Sabha module, Resident Sabha date announcement, auto-generated Resident Sabha, giving agenda, agenda prioritising, voting on the proposal, resident’s collective decisions and resident’s decision tracking, resident’s driven urgent Resident Sabha, and historical catalogue of agenda, Resident Sabha, and decisions taken at Resident Sabha.

– A resident can get access to multiple communities in the Application with one login credential… and more.

Why partner extension of ?–

PARTNER extension of helps NGOs, CBOs and other service providers to exchange information with residents and community, makes it easy to identify target beneficiaries, track interventions, and measure return on societal investment.

Project impacts and the status of development goals get shared with the beneficiaries, residents, community, donors and other stakeholder, and it would be possible to get early feedback and inputs from them..

Thus partner extension is developed for partner NGOs with the following goals :

  • Better shared space and better common service
  • Easy tracking of return on societal investment
  • Empowered resident (niwasi)
  • Caring and secured community

Easy to use the –

Who has developed this system ? –

It is a service product of Sunai Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and jointly developed by Sunai Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and its IT partners Triline Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Implementation eco system –

The software technology –

About the team –

Concept team

Pranav Kr. Chaudhary : Studied civil engineering (B. Tech.) at IIT Mumbai. 20 years of experience of working on project that has direct or indirect intervention in communities.

Vikas Kr. Chaudhary : Engineering in Electronics and Communication with 12 years of development work (Triline).

Mitesh Thakkar : MBA from INSEAD. Gives consultancy to various development organisations like UN bodies, the World Bank, Pratham and others.

Need assessment and grassroot test team

Nirbhay Kumar : Masters in social science with 5 years of experience of grassroot implementation, process drafting.

Pradeep Rai : Long experience of field execution and implemented Niwasi Sabha concept on ground for a long period.

Development team

Vidyaram Tyagi : Information Technology graduate and has about 4 years of experience in software development.

Mohtasim : Prime responsibility is testing and has long experience with educational background in MCA.

Team of 5 developers is working on the project.


Niwasi App is jointly developed by : Sunai Consultancy, and Trilline Infotech (IT Partner).

About Sunai Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. –

Sunai Consultancy is registered as a private limited company in Patna, Bihar (India). Sunai was founded in 2005 with the mission to provide monitoring, evaluation, and capacity building support in the development sector. One founding member of Sunai is an IITian and has been active volunteer for communities. The founding members has worked at Pratham Education Initiative in the past.

About Trilline Infotech (IT Partner) –

Triline Infotech provided much needed software development facilities and ecosystem, which is identifying and training of code writer, providing software development ecosystem, office space and the technology know-how.