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  • Easy tracking of return on societal investment
  • Empowered resident (niwasi)
  • Caring and secured community
  • Better shared space and better common service


  • IT solutions for - PARTNER is an extension to Niwasi App.This helps a partner in measuring the societal return on investment in their target community in real time, to identify targeted beneficiaries and to have systematic communication with Residents and other stakeholders.
  • IT Solution ‘Niwasi App’ is for residents. Key functionalities are : Resident's meeting management मिलें तो सही, Agenda giving, vote based decisions, announcement, fee management, feedback, demand and inputs, and others. Residents (Niwasi) participate and contribute to their common cause, and also to the development projects.
  • Residents of a community is assisted by NGOs, CSR supports, private initiatives and government interventions. They are the partners of residents. Idea is to have solution specially for them as they assist residents in achieving basics developmental goals.

Steps of uses

  • Step 1 : Create your project => Create Report that a Partner would like to collect from its project. Create Community in the application where they implement its project.
  • Step 2 : Partner-to-resident provides parameter details of the Field Report in a prescribed format to the development team
  • Step 3 : Development team customise the application. The modified application is handed over to client and training to its staff is imparted.
  • Step 4 : Ask your staff to sign up in the software by clicking 'Partner Access Login in'. Approve the staff. Map following - Staff report to whom. Staff to community. Staff to Project & Report.
  • Step 5 : Project staff collects report using the customised software. Data of report can be downloaded by client for analysis and decision making.
  • Step 6 : Data and analysis is auto shared with Community, Residents, Beneficiary, Donor and other stakeholders who have access to the Application.

Challenges and solutions it offers (1/4)

Low cost and time saving


  • Developing an IT solution is a costly and time consuming process.
  • High end consultation is required for a software development project.

Solution it offers

  • Basic cost and time are already spent to reach the current level of maturity of the IT solution…
  • only an additional small cost and time will be required to customize program and project specific IT requirement.

Challenges and solutions it offers (2/4)

Outcome summary available at all levels


  • Delays in accessing program outcome data, and
  • Demands high quality time and resources to access outcome data
  • Difficulty in getting feedback of community and community needs, and
  • program also does not get direct feedback from beneficiaries.

Solution it offers

  • Outcome and feedback data punched at any level get collated in the system at all levels and
  • Accessible to Partners and Donors.

Challenges and solutions it offers (3/4)

Easy to reach targeted beneficiaries


  • Database of beneficiaries are not arranged in a single database.
  • So difficult to update and collate
  • and difficulty in identifying all the targeted beneficiaries.

Solution it offers

  • Data of all the residents and families living in a community is in one database.
  • Residents and community themselves can update their requirements
  • so identifying targeted beneficiaries and their needs are easy.
  • This is much needed from a donor and investor perspective.

Challenges and solutions it offers (3/4)

Easy to reach targeted beneficiaries


  • NGO works in a community. Community participation, though generally gets mentioned in any project document,
  • at the implementation stage either it gets ignored completely or it gets a secondary treatment.

Solution it offers

  • Niwasi App’s core value is community participation. Niwasi Sabha module facilitates agenda giving, voting and collective decision.
  • It encourage all the residents in the development process.
  • From donor perspective, this is a very valued IT solution.

Functionalities - Comprehensive database

  • Implementation areas
  • Beneficieries
  • Businesses
  • Stakeholders
  • Facilities
Integrated information for key players
  • Service area
  • Parameters
  • Goals
  • Beneficiary category

Functionalities for Partners and Donors

  • Dashboard for Partners team - staff and senior management
  • Customizable eligibility criteria for beneficiaries
  • Easy to integrate tracking parameters for any new service areas
  • Integrate your service at a comparatively low cost and quicker timeframe.
  • Quick data collection tool – dipstick with GPS and time tracking etc. and intelligent long term trackable dashboard
  • A cost efficient IT application.

For whom

A Partner is an agency or person

  • Civil society, NGO, service persons, facilitator,
    donors and any others.
  • Helping person


  • Gram Panchayats and wards

  • Cities and city wards

  • Apartments / Gated society - RWAs

  • Open communities

Residents (Niwasi)

Lives in the community
  • family
  • business
  • migrants
  • family member
  • staff
  • service provider

Community management

  • Elected representatives

  • Panchayat/ULB body or RWA executive body

  • Community Committees/Office bearers